How to send email to a mail list using Gmail

send email to mail list

During the year 2000, two email services providers (Hotmail and Yahoo) greatly dominated the online mail world. However, by April 1, 2004, Google unveiled Gmail, which was highly accepted by the public. Without any doubt, presently, Gmail is the best provider when it comes to email services as it works with fascinating features and add-ons that has outshone its competitors.

By now, it is most likely that you have started using Gmail too, and possibly, the major reason why you are interested in this article. Are you a business owner that would like to send a single email to several audiences within a contact group? Or you desire to enhance the familiarity of your blog or brand by sending emails to many clients with one-click? If your answer to these questions is affirmative, then, you have come across the right solutions – we will show you how to do it effortlessly via two methods.

Method 1: Create a Contact Group in your Gmail

As we mentioned earlier, Gmail is built with several features, and among the most significant options is the Contact Group. The fascinating thing about this feature is that it enables you to develop distribution lists, through which you can send emails to all your chosen contacts with a single click.

Perhaps, you want to send email to a group of clients, friends or your management team, entering their names and contacts one after the other will be tedious as well as error-prone. Hence, to avoid stress and errors, creating a group of contacts is your best line of action. All you need do is to follow these guidelines:

i. The first step is to visit your Gmail contacts and develop a new label. The importance of labeling is to identify each contact groups in your Gmail.

ii. Select every contact that you would like to add to the newly labeled group

iii. Lastly, include the new label in “CC,” “Bcc,” or “To” as necessary in your Gmail. Afterward, send the email.

Method 2: Use Rapid MailMerge Add-on with Google Sheets

Compared to the use of Contact Groups, using Gmail and Google Sheets is a better idea. This method works by using the Google Sheet to collate every contact and lead. Also, the Google Sheet allows for an extra number of fields. Kindly adhere to the following instructions to use this method effectively:

Install Rapid MailMerge Add-on

rapid mailmerge install

Get Rapid MailMerge add-on to your Google Sheets toolbox; it is free. Tap “Get the add-on” link to install. Afterward, follow steps to add Rapid MailMerge to your Google Sheets.

Compose your email

Open Rapid MailMerge Add on

Get the Google sheet with your contacts opened, and scroll to the menu item named Add-ons. Click on the Rapid MailMerge.

Rapid MailMerge compose email

With Rapid MailMerge Add-on, you can edit your message as it comes with built-in email editor. Hence, it is unnecessary to close your Google Sheet before you can draft your email template. Also, it is possible to preview every email while still in the MailMerger. Therefore, you will be able to see how your message will appear after it leaves the Add-on.

Once, you have composed the email to your satisfaction, all you need do is to send it. Rapid MailMerge will choose the email addresses from the Google Sheet, get the message personalized before sending it to the right contact(s).

On the Google sheet, there are some fields that you can use. For instance, in a case where you have the column “Surname” on the Google sheet, all you have to do is to type;

Hello {{Surname}},

Below is your invoice for the Month


Send the Email

Now that you are satisfied with the email template; click on the “Send” button to forward the message directly from your Google sheet.

Quick Demo of Rapid MailMerge Add-on

Advanced Options

Some additional options come with Rapid MailMerge Add-on. For instance, there is a filter feature that allows you to filter your Google Sheet and send messages to specific contacts.

To understand better; suppose you have all your client’s contact on Google sheet and some of them have made invoice payment while the others are yet. With the filter option, you get the contacts of those who are yet to pay filtered and send a reminder message to them via the Rapid MailMerge add-on.

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