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1 My experience trying to get approval for an App that uses G Suite API

restricted api

The promise of the G Suite developer program is too difficult to ignore: As they say: millions upon millions of G Suite users. Moreover, there is Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Analytics, and a huge set of Services to choose from. Or so I thought I made three Apps (two web apps and one […]

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AutoReply Gmail Addon Publishing Attempt 3

This is the third attempt publishing the GSmart AutoReply Addon to the GSuit Market place. For context, see the results of the previous two attempts: AutoReply Addon is Ready; but can’t publish AutoReply Gmail Addon Publishing Hurdles Number 2 An issue that was reported with Google, someone suggested complete the Gmail Addon form. So that […]

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3 Submitting a Gmail Addon for Pre-Approval

The steps to publish Gmail Addon is documented here : Publishing Gmail Addons According to the doc, if you are publishing the Gmail Addon in their Marketplace, first you have to get pre-approval. You have to submit this form: Gmail Add-ons Submission Information and wait… and wait … and wait again. When I faced bugs […]

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1 AutoReply Gmail Addon Publishing Hurdles Number 2: At least one extension other than Gmail…

So I am trying to publish the Gmail Auto Reply Addon to the Google Market place. See the previous attempt issue here The summary is that it is impossible to submit a request to publish a Gmail Addon to the GSuit Marketplace because of bugs and inconsistent documentation and processes. A bug report was posted […]

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AutoReply Addon is Ready; but can’t publish

A GMail addon for the AutoReply App is ready. Now you can reach the AutoReply App directly from your Gmail Inbox. Once installed, here is how it will look from your Gmail page: However, I can’t publish this addon yet on the GMail Addon Marketplace. Basically we are to follow the lengthy steps in this […]

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