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How to do mail merge in G Suite using Google Sheet

Assume you are having a Google Sheet with tones of leads/contacts, that’s cool, right? More information to your arsenal. Now, this is the part where you want to make use of it by emailing them. Doing this manually is tedious and error-prone. Fortunately, there is a free add-on called Rapid MailMerge to automate Google Sheet […]

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How to send mass email from Google Sheets using your Gmail Account

send mass email from google sheets

Perhaps, you would like to send emails to all – or some – of your client whose contacts or leads are available on your Google sheet. Sending such messages manually is often tedious and may lead to error. Instead, you can automate the process – and even personalize every email. Read along to learn about […]

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How many Gmail user accounts are there in the world?

What started as an idea by Paul Buccheit several years ago has gone on to become one of the most prominent email software in recent times. The project, with the code name, Caribou was first used in 2004 by Google employees to check emails internally. It later moved from the limited beta status of April […]

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