How to send mass email from Google Sheets using your Gmail Account

send mass email from google sheets

Perhaps, you would like to send emails to all – or some – of your client whose contacts or leads are available on your Google sheet. Sending such messages manually is often tedious and may lead to error. Instead, you can automate the process – and even personalize every email. Read along to learn about how to go about it!

1. Install Rapid MailMerge Add-on

You can use rapid MailMerge as a free add-on with Google Sheets.
To get it, go to this link:
and then click “Get the add-on” link.

Afterward, follow the steps to install it.
rapid mailmerge install

2. Draft your email

Open Rapid MailMerge Add on

Get the Google sheet with your contacts opened. Then, open menu item Add-ons → Rapid MailMerge. Rapid MailMerge Add-on possesses an email editing feature. Hence, it is unnecessary to close your Google Sheet before you can create a new email template.

Also, you will be able to preview the email within the add-on itself. Thus, you will get to see how the email will appear beyond the MailMerge.

Once your email is ready and you are satisfied with the email, send it and leave the rest to Add-on. It will select the email addresses which are already in the google sheet and ensure that each email is personalized as well as sent to the appropriate contact.

There are fields in the Google Sheet that you can use. For instance, perhaps there is a column FirstName within the Google Sheet, you may type;

Hello {{FirstName}},

Below is your invoice for the Month

Rapid MailMerge compose email

3. Send the email

After you are sure that that the email template is good and ready, click the Send button to forward your email directly from your Google Sheet.

Quick Demo

Advanced Settings

Within the Rapid MailMerge Add-on, there are some advanced features which you can engage. For instance, with the filter feature active on your Google Sheet, the Add-on will send emails to only the filtered contacts. This feature is particularly useful in a situation where some of the customers on your Google Sheet have paid, and the others are yet to pay. In this case, you can filter your Google Sheet contacts for those who have not made their payments only while you use Rapid MailMerge Add-on to send out a reminder message.

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