How to do mail merge in G Suite using Google Sheet

Assume you are having a Google Sheet with tones of leads/contacts, that’s cool, right? More information to your arsenal. Now, this is the part where you want to make use of it by emailing them. Doing this manually is tedious and error-prone.

Fortunately, there is a free add-on called Rapid MailMerge to automate Google Sheet mail merge.
The add-on makes it easy to mail merge and to personalize each email

1. Install Rapid MailMerge Add-on

rapid mailmerge install

Rapid MailMerge is a free add-on for Google Sheets. Click this link to install the add-on.

Install Rapid MailMerge add-on

Follow the steps to install the add-on. If you are using a G Suite account, request your G Suite Admin to enable the add-on. Rapid MailMerge is a free, productivity-enhancing tool so there shouldn’t be any problem getting it approved.

Compose your email

Open the Google Sheet that contacts are contained in. Navigate your way to menu item: Add-ons → Rapid MailMerge

There is an email editor that comes with Rapid MailMerge, awesome ?. This means you can write your mail in MailMerge without working in multiple places.

Fields in Google Sheet can be used. For instance, a Column in the Google Sheet is designated as FirstName, this can be entered

Hello {{FirstName}},

Here is your invoice for the month


A cool feature is that you can preview the individual email in the add-on. Why is this cool? It lets you have a view of what the outcome is like which makes you adjust if needed.

When you are done with composing your mail, send it.

Now you send the email out

The email template being ready, the Send button is to be clicked and this allows you to send out your mail right from your Google Sheet. Viola?

The bigger task is left to the add-on, it will take the mail addresses from your Google sheet personalize individual mail address, and send an email to the designated contact. Looks simple right? Yes, That simple

See this demo of the whole process

Advanced Settings

This will thrill you further about Rapid MailMerge, there are advanced features which allows you to filter contacts in your Google Sheet and send message to the selected contacts.

Alright, let’s have an example, a real-life example. Imagine having a business owner who renders a service to her clients and they are to subscribe or make payment for it on a monthly basis. Some of her clients are yet to make a payment for the current month. Rapid MailMerge makes it possible to filter unpaid clients and send a reminder email quickly.

Install Rapid MailMerge add-on

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