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How to do Mail Merge with attachments using Gmail and Google Sheets

gmail mail merge with attachments

Rapid MailMerge allows you to send emails that include attachments to many recipients. With Rapid Mail Merge add-on, you no longer have to exit your google sheet as this add-on works directly with your Gmail account. You can now easily create email campaigns directly from Google Sheets. Rapid MailMerge is quick and easy to use […]

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How to send mass email from Google Sheets using your Gmail Account

send mass email from google sheets

Perhaps, you would like to send emails to all – or some – of your client whose contacts or leads are available on your Google sheet. Sending such messages manually is often tedious and may lead to error. Instead, you can automate the process – and even personalize every email. Read along to learn about […]

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How to do mail merge with attachment in Google Sheets

Suppose you want to send an email with attachment to a large set of contacts in a Google Sheet. Here is a step-by-step guide showing you how to do that fast. Get Rapid MailMerge Free add-on If you don’t have the free Rapid MailMerge add-on, get it quickly! It is quite handy to send emails […]

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