How to do mail merge with attachment in Google Sheets

Suppose you want to send an email with attachment to a large set of contacts in a Google Sheet. Here is a step-by-step guide showing you how to do that fast.

Get Rapid MailMerge Free add-on

If you don’t have the free Rapid MailMerge add-on, get it quickly! It is quite handy to send emails straight from your Google Sheet. Plus, the add-on is free.

Install Rapid MailMerge add-on

rapid mailmerge install

Compose your email

Once Rapid MailMerge add-on is installed, sending emails from your Google Sheet is super easy.

Open your Google Sheet that has your contacts. Open the menu item Add-ons → Rapid MailMerge → Open Rapid MailMerge
Open Rapid MailMerge Add on

You can compose your email directly in the Rapid MailMerge compose window:
Rapid MailMerge compose email

Notice that you can add any field from the Google sheet in the email.

For example, {{FirstName}} gets replaced by the value of FirstName column from the Google Sheet.

Adding attachments to the Mail Merge

Rapid MailMerge has an Add Attachment button. Just press the button and add your files to the MailMerge.
Attach files to MailMerge

Preview the email

Rapid MailMerge also has a feature to preview the email before it is sent. This is handy when you want to see how the email will look like to the recipient. Press the preview button and check the email display.

Send out the email!

Once you are ready with the email template, press the Send button to send out the emails.

Quick Demo

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