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How to do mail merge with attachment in Google Sheets

Suppose you want to send an email with attachment to a large set of contacts in a Google Sheet. Here is a step-by-step guide showing you how to do that fast. Get Rapid MailMerge Free add-on If you don’t have the free Rapid MailMerge add-on, get it quickly! It is quite handy to send emails […]

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Alert by email when input data on google spreadsheet meets given condition

Here is the sample sheet: make a copy of the sheet Suppose you want to receive an email when the status column changes to ‘approved’. Install a trigger first Note that simple trigger does not work since we need to send an email from the trigger. You have to install the trigger. Create a function […]

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How to send email from Google Sheets

Suppose you have a Google Sheet full of contacts or leads. You want to send emails to all (or some) of them. Doing it manually will be error-prone and laborious. Here is how to automate it. You will also be able to personalize each email. Install Rapid MailMerge Add-on Rapid MailMerge is a free add-on […]

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How to parse and extract data from Gmail to Google Sheets

Extracting data from Gmail messages and then routing that data to other automation steps is an easy task to do using Google Apps Script. My bank sends transaction confirmation emails for each transaction in my account. I will parse and collect the expense data into a Google Sheet. By the end of the month, I […]

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How to send a Google Doc as email body

Google Docs has more editing features than the Gmail compose window. Moreover, it is easier to have several revisions and reviews with Google Docs. So if it is an important email or an email that requires some extra features (such as tables, multiple embedded images etc) it is a good idea to compose the email […]

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How to get input from HTML form using Google Apps Script

There are different ways to display an HTML form from Google Apps Script. You can display a form in a Google Sheet (from a custom menu for example) or you can create a standalone web app and display the web form. Let us first see how to display an HTML form from a Google Sheet. […]

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How to use Google Apps Script to send email with attachment

send mass email from google sheets

This example shows you how to send email from a Google Sheet with an attachment. Suppose we have a Google Sheet with all the clients and their email addresses. We need to get a PDF form filled and signed by each of these clients. The plan is to send the PDF form as attachment to […]

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From Google Sheets, how to send email based on date

Suppose you want to send reminder emails automatically from your Google Sheets. The email needs to be sent when the invoice is overdue. So it requires to check the current date with the invoice due date. Let us see how to do that in Google Sheets using Google Apps Script. We have a Google Sheet […]

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