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How to unarchive email in Gmail

Unarchive email in Gmail

All your important emails end up in your Inbox. Once you have taken action on an email (reply, delegate or just read and decided there is no need to reply) you can archive the email. Archiving moves the email out of the Inbox and helping you maintain Inbox Zero. All the emails that you get […]

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How to export Gmail contacts into Outlook

Gmail is arguably the most popular email client today. It has become a part of our daily lives both for personal, business or professional purposes. This versatile tool is more than just a way to send emails from one person to the other. Usually, all your interactions on Gmail involve multiple contacts. It is possible […]

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How to merge cells in Google Sheets

There are a number of ways you can create a spreadsheet. There are times when the default layout of the spreadsheet doesn’t exactly match your needs. Merging the cells violates the default flow of rows and columns to slightly complicated structure. If you see the need for merging, consider it again. Often, keeping the default […]

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Chrome Extension for Auto-Reply App for Gmail

AutoReply App Chrome Extension

A new Google Chrome Extension is published in Google Web Store. This extension makes it easy to connect to the GSmart AutoReply App. Once you have installed the Chrome Extension, it will show the GSmart AutoReply Icon in your Gmail page. Click on the icon and go directly to your AutoReply rules. You can install […]

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AutoReply Gmail Addon Publishing Attempt 3

This is the third attempt publishing the GSmart AutoReply Addon to the GSuit Market place. For context, see the results of the previous two attempts: AutoReply Addon is Ready; but can’t publish AutoReply Gmail Addon Publishing Hurdles Number 2 An issue that was reported with Google, someone suggested complete the Gmail Addon form. So that […]

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GSmart AutoReply Addon

The GSmart AutoReply Addon connects you directly from your Gmail Interface to the GSmart AutoReply App. Once you have enabled the GSmart AutoReply Addon, your Gmail interface will show the Icon like this: Clicking on the icon expands the Addon. You can create an auto-reply for emails like the one opened at that moment by […]

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Automating Email Using GSmart AutoReply App

GSmart AutoReply App for Gmail

If you are getting frequent, similar questions in your support Email, GSmart AutoReply App can help you craft automated replies. Rather than a “generic” common autoreply, you can craft a specific reply based on the email contents. There are several advantages to an immediate auto-reply: The user gets an immediate response. You can make the […]

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3 Submitting a Gmail Addon for Pre-Approval

The steps to publish Gmail Addon is documented here : Publishing Gmail Addons According to the doc, if you are publishing the Gmail Addon in their Marketplace, first you have to get pre-approval. You have to submit this form: Gmail Add-ons Submission Information and wait… and wait … and wait again. When I faced bugs […]

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