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In Gmail, how to auto-reply to certain emails

The vacation responder feature of Gmail is useful for sending automated replies to all emails that you receive between certain dates. However, customisation is quite limited in this feature. If you want to send specific replies based on different conditions (the from address of the email, the email subject line etc), you can use the […]

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Setting Up Gmail’s Canned Response Auto-Replies

Gmail has a vacation responder feature that is quite useful when you are away from your email for some days. However, this feature tends to be quite limiting as far as the options it offers. You can’t setup different auto-response templates (for example based on the from address of the email), so the responses are […]

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How to Setup Gmail Vacation Responses

Setting up a simple vacation response in Gmail is quite easy. The steps below shows you how to setup the “on vacation” message. First, open Gmail. Then, click on the settings icon on the top right side (with the gear icon) and choose settings: In the settings page (under the “general” tab), scroll down to […]

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Configuring Gmail on Outlook – A Step-by-Step Guide

Making Things Easier From Your Desktop Turns out it’s actually pretty easy to configure Outlook to fetch messages from your Gmail accounts. There are two steps to this. First, you’re going to have to enable IMAP in your Gmail settings. Enable IMAP In Your Gmail Account Open Gmail and go to Settings (click on the […]

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How to Create a Gmail Distribution List from Excel


Creating an email group from an Excel sheet saves a lot of time. Many apps/software allow exporting lists to Excel. Below, we’ve outlined thee steps to create an email group from contacts in an Excel sheet. Column Structure Create or reformat your Excel sheet to have two columns, one for name and the other for […]

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Sending Group Emails Without Showing Addresses


When sending a group email, sometimes you don’t want to display all of the group member emails in the “To” field of the email, as it’s visible to everyone. Another reason might be that if any of the recipients click “reply all”, they will inadvertently send a message to everyone listed. The trick is to use the […]

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Searching Gmail by Date Range

Find What You’re Searching For, Faster The search features contained within Gmail are quite powerful, and there are a number of search operators that you can make use of. In this post we’ll be focusing on date-based search filters. Finding messages within a certain date range Suppose you want to find all messages before 31st […]

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Deleting All Emails From A Specific Sender In Gmail

One of the most powerful pieces of functionality within Gmail (not so coincidentally) is its search feature. You can search and find messages based on almost any criteria. In order to delete email messages from a certain sender, the steps are to first search for the emails from the particular sender. You can also search […]

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