Automating Email Using GSmart AutoReply App

GSmart AutoReply App for Gmail

If you are getting frequent, similar questions in your support Email, GSmart AutoReply App can help you craft automated replies. Rather than a “generic” common autoreply, you can craft a specific reply based on the email contents. There are several advantages to an immediate auto-reply:

  • The user gets an immediate response.
  • You can make the reply specific to the query
  • You can include links to reference and tutorials, that gives further material for the user
  • If the automated reply does not answer the specific question, the user might refine the query and come back with more details
  • Overall, auto-reply helps the user arrive at the specific answer faster

Connect your Gmail account to GSmart AutoReply App and try out the features:
GSmart AutoReply App for Gmail
GSmart AutoReply App

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