How many emails get sent a day?

how many emails sent per day

It is an interesting statistic to know. How many emails are sent per day in the whole world?

It is estimated that 293 billion emails are sent every day.

The number will grow to 333 billion by the end of 2022.

According to some estimates, 53.5% of all the emails sent is spam.

For a comparison to modern social media let us see some social media numbers:

  • every day there is an average 500 million tweets
  • 4.75 billion pieces of content is shared daily on facebook

In other words, email usage is far more than that of social media channels combined.

Number of emails per day statistics infographic

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Number of emails per day statistics infographic

Why is Email so popular?

Email contnues to be the most popular communication channel for business communications. How popular is email?

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