Email segmentation statistics 2019

As a business owner, you might have an ideal group of customers; however, they will always differ in character. While some might reply to your promotional emails and stick to your lead magnet, others (who are usually the majority) do look forward to better value and knowledge. The general principle is that the higher value your subscribers get from you, the greater will be the chances of getting a response from them. At this point, your subscribers are clicking the provided links once they open your emails and see the lead magnets.

Email Segmentation Statistics 2019

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Based on a report from e-Marketer, Thirty-nine percent of email marketers who performs email segmentation experience higher open rates while twenty-eight percent witnessed enhanced email deliverability and gained extra revenue.

How do I segment my email lists?

The concept of separating your email list into various aspects or segment is referred to as Email List Segmentation. Therefore, it will become easier to streamline your messages for a specific segment.

While developing your email segmentation, the challenges which the target audiences experience and the motives behind putting them in that particular segment would have been taken into consideration.

It will become easier to send the correct message to the right set of people when you categorize your list and concentrate on the distinctiveness of a specific segment. With email marketing segmentation, it will assist you to realize some unused capabilities in your mailing list as well as get the best out of them.

Once you have email segments, you will be able to approach every segment rightly. For instance, an insurance company may use factors such as family composition, age, or vehicle ownership to set different emails for various segments. Every segment needs a streamlined email with the right content and proposals. It is pointless to engage in vehicle insurance discussion when you don’t have a car. This is exactly the usefulness of basic segmentation, as long as you have labeled each group.

When emails are specific and personalized, subscribers appreciate it more. You will be giving your customers a better experience by sending them relevant emails. However, business goals must not be jeopardized in the process.

Examples of Segmentation methods

The use of demographic data is the first approach which most email marketers engage to start email marketing segmentation. This data often contains details such as gender, company position, income level, and age; all of which can give much information about the need and interest of an individual. For instance, a company position is a vital demographic to a B2B software developer. Use one to three most related demographic conditions for your enterprise.

Run Surveys

By conducting a survey, you will be able to get useful demographic data as well as insights about individual’s need, beliefs, and specifications. And better still, you can perform a quiz that provides outcome which would be of interest to the audiences.

Ensure that you use questions which are related to the process of your business demographic identification. The outcome of such a process will be highly beneficial to understand the mindset of your clients.

Monitor your Email Engagement

Here, the most important metrics are the Open rate and click-through rate. With these two factors, you will be able to monitor your email marketing service.

It is possible to segment based on engagement. This can be done by highlighting the active users against the inactive ones, such as a client who has not checked his email for 12 weeks. Afterward, you can develop a tailored campaign to re-engage your dormant subscribers.

Alternatively, you can concentrate on active users and target them accordingly. For instance, you can forward an email disclosing an impending sale offer as well as stating that anyone who opens the provided link will be considered as interested. Then, you can develop a special advertisement for further targeting for your prospective buyers.

Final Note

Do not see email marketing segmentation as a tactic designed for businesses with sophisticated marketing automation software alone; instead, you can begin to target your audience with a simple marketing service, shrewd creativity alongside these effective segmentation methods.


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