Sending Group Emails Without Showing Addresses


When sending a group email, sometimes you don’t want to display all of the group member emails in the “To” field of the email, as it’s visible to everyone. Another reason might be that if any of the recipients click “reply all”, they will inadvertently send a message to everyone listed. The trick is to use the “Bcc” field for the group. “Bcc” means “Black Carbon Copy”, which basically means that the Bcc field is not visible to the email recipients.


  • First, create a new group in your Gmail contacts. Go to your Gmail contacts and create a new label. Labels are used to create group contacts in Gmail:

creating new group in gmail

  • Assign all of the contacts you want in the group with the new label:

gmail assign contacts to group

  • Back in Gmail, just add the group (label) in the “Bcc” field. Then send your email:

gmail add group to bcc

See the steps in action below:

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