How to Export Gmail Contacts to an Excel Sheet

Exporting Gmail contacts to an excelsheet is simple and straight forward. Gmail can export contacts to a .csv file. CSV stands for Comma separated values. The file is a simple text file with the values separated by a comma (,). MS Excel can open a CSV file. You can later do a “File->Save As” to save the file in .xlsx format native to MS Excel.


  1. First, go to Gmail Contacts.
  2. look for an option “More → Export”
  3. Choose CSV Format and press ‘Export’ button
  4. The contacts CSV file gets downloaded to your local drive. Now open the downloaded file in MS Excel.
  5. Once you have opened the CSV file in Excel, You can do a File → Save As … to save the file in native Excel format with file extension .xlsx

See the steps in action

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