AutoReply Gmail Addon Publishing Hurdles Number 2: At least one extension other than Gmail…

So I am trying to publish the Gmail Auto Reply Addon to the Google Market place. See the previous attempt issue here

The summary is that it is impossible to submit a request to publish a Gmail Addon to the GSuit
Marketplace because of bugs and inconsistent documentation and processes.
A bug report was posted here:
Which seems to agree that there is a mere “UI issue” in that page to submit addon to the market place and the fix is already “rolled out”. So let us try submitting the addon again.

As before, all the details were filled in and as we come down to the bottom, we can’t select the “Gmail Addon Extension option”. There is an error apparently showing the reason:
“At least one extension other than Gmail contextual gadget extension must be enabled and configured”

I couldn’t make any sense of the error message either. At least one extension other than Gmail? This addon is for gmail and it doesn’t have anything else other than Gmail related features. How/why would I add at least one extension other than Gmail now?

Here is the documentation that speaks about the relevant part. The documentation is completely out of sync:

So folks, we are again stuck at the AutoReply Gmail Addon part. I will have to figure out what this error message means and perhaps update the issue
and follow it up.

In the mean time, you can directly access the Gmail AutoReply App.

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Dicek - October 8, 2018 Reply

Thank you for your interesting information.
I’m happy to know. I found a man who has same problem with me.

I hope I can share your activity until success.

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