In Gmail, how to delete all emails all at once – even if there are thousands

So, suppose you’ve got thousands of emails that you want to delete from your Gmail account simultaneously. How would you accomplish this without spending several hours going through pages and pages of emails?

Thanks to the awesome UI features included in Gmail, it only takes a few clicks to delete and clear all your messages from your Gmail account. We’ve outlined the steps below.

  • Select “All”:

Select All emails option

  • Remember, selecting “All” in the way done above only selects all messages currently visible on the page. In order to select ALL the messages in your inbox, click on the “Select All Conversations” link:

Select All Conversations

  • Now, click the delete button to move all messages to the Trash folder. (Note: Once inside of the trash folder, you may PERMANENTLY delete these messages by clicking on the “Delete Forever” button):

Delete emails

See this in action:

How to delete all emails from your gmail inbox all at once

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