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How to export Gmail contacts into Outlook

Gmail is arguably the most popular email client today. It has become a part of our daily lives both for personal, business or professional purposes. This versatile tool is more than just a way to send emails from one person to the other. Usually, all your interactions on Gmail involve multiple contacts. It is possible […]

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Gmail Search Operators and Examples ( PDF Download )

Gmail has a very powerful search feature. However, most users don’t realize its power and flexibility. Here is a Gmail search operators cheatsheet filled with examples and common uses. Download Gmail Search Reference Cheat Sheet (pdf) Download & print it and keep it in front of your desk for easy reference. For a detailed Gmail […]

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I forgot my Gmail password! How to get your Gmail back

There is no need to panic if you forgot your Gmail password. There are multiple ways to recover your Gmail account. First, go to the Gmail login page. Then click on the “forgot password” link. Recovering your Gmail account using your phone If you had entered your phone number while creating your Gmail account, recovering […]

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12 Techniques for Mastering Gmail Search

On an average, we spent 3 hours a day reading and replying to emails. An average office worker receives 200 emails a day. The amount of emails that we handle is only increasing. The best way to increase your productivity is to learn to manage the email more efficiently. The top feature you should look […]

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Gmail group email not working – troubleshooting steps

You have created a google group as an email group. However, when someone sends an email to the group, the email does not get delivered to the group members. If this is the problem that you are facing, here are the steps to troubleshoot. Check the posting permissions One of the most common reason is […]

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In Gmail, How to Group Emails by Sender

Oftentimes, we see individuals migrating from Outlook. These poeple tend to want to create folders for each type of mesage, so that they can quickly find what they’re looking for. For example, they’ll create a folder called “” that will receive all messages that they receive from their boss. That way, when they require a […]

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